About Us

We started this company to help the students in all Competitive Exams. Every faculty member are having more than 20 year experience in Competitive Exams. We will provide Franchise.


Our main motto is to develop the brain from the childhood.

For every student the career success rate is very high when they study in IIT's, IIM's, NIT, Central Universities, for that success they have to write competitive exams.

Even if they want to get the job in Railways (RRB), Banks (IBPS), Army, Navy, CBI and they have to write Competitive Exams. Even to select IAS and IPS also they have to write Competitive Exams

i.e., To get a job in Government Sector every one has to undergo Competitive Exams. In these Exams they test the aspirants accuracy, skill, the student have to attend more question in less time. Approximately for every question they have to answer in less than 50 seconds.

The Success in these exams will not get in one day. If we train the students from childhood their brain will adopt to those condition and they will get success easily in Competitive Exams.